It's not just a Camp - it's a happening

The Wilson Swiss Allstar Basketball Camp is a magical experience full of action and fun. The Camp is considered to be one of the finest Basketball Camps in the world. Kids from all parts of Switzerland and from many other countries, receive excellent basketball instruction, participate in competitive tournaments and contests and enjoy lots of fun activities. The Wilson Swiss Allstar Basketball Camp is offering outstanding Basketball instruction for kids of all levels from ages 8 to 19.

Coach Mike Weinar, Dallas Mavericks:

"It combines great basketball instruction with lots of fun,  entertainment and, most importantly, teaches the campers to respect each  other, their coaches and the great game  of basketball. It's simply the best camp I've ever  seen."

Tom Sterner, Assistent der Toronto Raptors:

"I love the camp, my  family loves it, and I enjoy helping the campers improve their  basketball skills. The camp has found the right mixture of intense training in a fun atmosphere."

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